Tokyo Alternative Girls

Tokyo Alternative Girls (TAG) offers a taste of true Japanese culture through both music and art to the Metaverse, while offering access to real life events for holders of these 10,000 NFTs. The founder, Nanataku, is also a core part of Japan's largest blue chip NFT collection, Crypto Ninja Partners(CNP) Nanataku's background is in the music and art industry and for over 10 years has worked with famous artists like Ken Hirai, Ai Yazawa, and many others. The lead illustrator of TAG is Otohachi who has won awards from Shueisha, production company of Shonen Jump, who is responsible for the famous anime series Naruto and One Piece. NFT Distribution NFTs Minted: 10,000 NFTs Distributed: 7,770 Locked: 2,000 (1 Year Lock - Administration) The purpose of the locked NFTs is to help ensure the long-term success and growth of the project, where administration can use these to create and support community initiatives, marketing campaigns, and on